Boris and Alexander Babayan


As a real artist Boris Babayan always appreciated the beauty and found different ways to express it in his works. Whatever he did: made beautiful paintings or interior decorations - everywhere his unique style and the attitude towards the ancient history and its motives are visibly guessed. Since time was going on early in his youth he realized that paintings and decorations are not enough for him and he created his own style of chasing: the unique art technology that hardly has any analogues in the world. Plate by plate he was hand engraving genius compositions of different precious metals, enamel and the scenes from ancient Georgian history became alive under his hands. His deep artistic nature was always inspired by historical motives - as an intelligent man he always knew that both the present and future is always closely connected with the past, with the history, with the heroes from the past and the culture. He also appreciated the urban style, having been a talented decorator he could represent the old city and its unique colour. When a child little Alexander was always watching deliberately his Dad working and he could even forgot about meal and sleep for hours. Day by day he was behind the chair of his artistic father and absorbed each moment of the artist's work. After years he became the main assistant of his father, his right hand as not only one love to the art work made him do it but his own talent and mastery and artistic skills. Today they create together the art works side by side and their mutual understanding and talent is the guarantee of their profitable art work and the success of their Company

Boris and Alexander created and executed interior design in many cities and countries on different objects. In Soviet times there was a huge demand in all republics of the Union for the design works by Boris. Boris was invited to all republics for a variety of objects to perform design work. His schedule was very busy, as he finished one object in one republic, immediately had to begin another in another republic. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the borders were opened and Boris together with Alexander continued to work in different countries.
One of their latest creations of interior design is in Turkey. Boris and Alexander created the entire design for a 5 star Hotel “Ottoman Palace” located in the city of Antakya, Turkey. The unique interior of the hotel is made in oriental style. The walls and columns are decorated with gilt moldings, all ceilings covered with hand-painted. The painting of walls and ceilings, moldings of rare patterns, sketches of interiors, furniture and all interior equipment made by Boris and Alexander. The work on the completion of the internal decorative artwork lasted for 2 years.

The intricate designs and minute' detailing are exquisite for the human eye to behold. The blending of colors is like a breath of spring air and is so alive, the great ceiling artistry and colors are phenomenal. Boris and his son Alexander has designed and painted many ceilings with their brushed gold, vivid blues, greens, burgundies etc… These very much alive accomplishments are created to simply reach out to be embraced by ones love of art. The gold fairy ,which serves as his brush in hand ,waves her magic wand and spins a web of great art, to be admired and appreciated by all who come in contact.

Boris with his son Alexander have demonstrated their works, in the famous Ottoman Palace Hotel in Turkey, with their bold and unique accents of gold and pastels, which are outstanding. Here they have created a living art museum and gallery with their brush in hand.
Boris and Alexander have a very professional skill with admirable sculpture such as the well known "St.George slaying the dragon". This particular piece of art is made in layers and designed with plated silver and gold. To do this they must use different tools to hammer out the metal and shape it into the selected design. This, as one can appreciate takes a lot of perseverance and manual strength to accomplish and no other is known to do this style of sculpture. Boris and Alexander's art was very popular in ex USSR. Government representatives are often purchased from Boris works of art for gifts for the important people of other countries. As an example in 1977, the Government of Georgia was purchased one of the works of Boris directly at the exhibition of "The day of revolution" , and was presented as a gift to the president of Armenia.

Two pieces of their art are exhibited in museums. One piece of art is exhibited in Museum of Sport and another in Museum of Friendship of Peoples, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Each square centimeter of Boris and Alexnder’s art pieces are hand made using unique artistic techniques. This unique technique is created by Boris Babayan. The work consists of different layers placed on one another, which create the depth and extent of the composition. It should be mentioned that the work is not cast. Rather each piece is fashioned from a smooth metal plate (thickness 5-8 mm),this is then worked up by hand (it is inflated, then pattern is carved, then designed) with the help of the special hammers and many other tools. This technique is believed to be unique and it's the result of 35 years of hard and scrupulous work by the author.



Tbilisi,PEST-Graduate Course.1972-1975
Tbilisi,ACADEMY OF ARTS.1966-1972
Department of Applied Arts,Speciality-Interior decorator.
ART SCHOOL.1964-1966
ART COURSES.1959-1964

Member of the USSR Artists’ Union.1981-1991.
Member of the Georgian Artists’ Union.1991-present.
Member of the International Artists’Union.1991-present

Artistic supervisor og a group of artists.
Work as an art designer and decorator.
From the enterprise Boris Babayan was sent to
the decorative works to the following cities:
Tbilisi Metallurgical Institute.1985-1986 /Georgia.
Stavropol Factory of Household Chemical Goods.1986 /Russia.
Stavropol Palace of Culture. /Russia.
Nevinomisk Factory of Household Chemical Goods.1974-1978 /Russia.
Hotel ’’Sputnik’’.1978-1982 /Sochi,Russia.
Hotel ’’Khimik’’ /Stavropol,Russia.
Kustanai Spinning Factory.1988-1989 /Kazakhstan.
Petropavlovsk grocery and provision shop. /Petropavlovsk,Russia.
Petropavlovsk Poultry Factory.1988-1989 /Petropavlovsk,Russia.
Aktubinsk Oil-Industry Nill.1994-1996 /Kazakhstan.
Decorated the entrance to the town Mockvi.1990 /Georgia.         
2007-2008 Design-interior of five-stars hotel ’’Ottoman Palace’’Antakia,Turkey                                                                                                                                                 
1971 Young artists’exhibition.Tbilisi,Georgia.
1971 Student exhibition.Tbilisi,Georgia.
1971 Autumn exhibition.
1971 Exhibition in Tallin.Latvia.
1972 Republic exhibition.Georgia.
1973 Spring exhibition.
1974 Spring exhibition.
1975 Republic exhibition ’’30 Years of Victory’’
1975 ’’Glory to work’’
1976 Autumn exhibition.
1976 ’’Glory of  Labour’’
1977 Republic exhibition.
1977 ’’The Day of Revolution’’.Tbilisi-USSR.
1978 All-Union exhibition.Moscow.
1979 Republic exhibition.
1980 Spring  exhibition.
1981 Republic exhibition.
1981 All Union exhibition.
1982 Autumn exhibition.
1982 Spring exhibition.
1983 ’’200 years of Georgian Treaty’’
1983 Spring exhibition.
1984 ’’Free Topic’’                                                                                                    
1984 Autumn exhibition.
1985 All-Union exhibition.
1986 Spring exhibition.
1986 Personal exhibition.
1987 All-Union exhibition.Moscow.
1988 Spring exhibition.
1998 Wood carving and artistic metal procesing.
1990 Spring exhibition.
2002 Exhibition.London,England( private gallery).
2003-2005 Exhibition.London,England (russian galery).
1996-2009 Adana,Gaziantep,Mersin,Istanbul,Antakia-Turkey.
2013 Art Expo.Toronto,Canada
2014 Art Expo.New-York.USA

Date of birth:16,April,1946